“there is no ceiling outside”

We have been enjoying our early Friday morning slot during this Jubilee prayer move.

Today, our last day, we were unable to use the cards to enter the building. They did not work for us.

At first, we were kind of bummed but decided quickly to put in our worship CD’s and open the doors of the vehicle to blast the worship into the atmosphere. After blowing the shofar over the city of Grand Rapids, we entered into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise.

We have been praying for Crossroads and for the city that the walls holding God’s people captive to whatever they are captive to, would come down. Blowing the shofar weekly and declaring the freedom for the captives.

We have felt a ceiling on our prayers. Like there is a need to burst through and have an open highway between the throne of God and His kingdom here on earth. Calling His kingdom to earth as it is in heaven. Asking for Jesus, our daily bread, manna from heaven to show Himself to us in His fullness.

At the end of our time, we realized with a grin, that there is no ceiling outside. How like God to tossle our hair and tease us for our lack of vision. We are praying for the leaders of our church to enter in to the fullness of all God has as little children. Eyes wide and mouths open to catch the rain of His Spirit and be filled daily to the full with all He has for them.

Praying for revival and for revelation to hit the people of our church and our city that a flood of His love would sweep through and heal those who are hurting, and renew those who are weary.

May God and His praying people, continue this work long after the Jubilee prayer movement! Amen!!

Phyllis and Bob Cegelis


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