walk on

This season of prayer has had dramatic affects on many people’s relationship with God. Prayer has been the medium for intercession, the catalyst for revealing aspects of God’s character, as well as enabling humility and surrender in people’s lives. But the function of prayer that I want to focus on is its ability to enable us to walk with and abide in Him.

Life can be likened to walking through the woods at nighttime, where we don’t know exactly were our path is headed yet we are trying to progress through places where there are obstacles, distractions and hazards. This can be treacherous, first of all because one can stumble, fall, and get hurt, and secondarily (yet equally treacherously) because it is easy to get off the path and get lost.

Perhaps you’ve lived in the city so long that you have forgotten what it is like to walk at night without streetlights, but if you have walked through the woods at night without a flashlight you know how impossible it is to simply move from point A to point B.

The Bible uses this metaphor in Psalm 119 verse 105, which says, “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Only God can guide us safely through life’s obstacles and hazards and get us to the end destination of which only He knows. If we intend to stay on the path we need to stay close enough to Him to see His light.

Many people have expressed how different their day goes when they spend time abiding with Christ in prayer, how their time with God sets the trajectory for the rest of their day. As we finish this 40 day season of prayer, this could be the most important thing that the people of Crossroads take away: a realization of our desperate need to stay close to Christ in order to see his light and guidance for our daily lives as it is revealed through prayer, Word and church. May these 40 days of prayer be more than an event, may they be a movement of God in our hearts.

May we walk on, abiding in the light of Christ…


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